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2010 Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Calculator

If you have 25 or more Full time employees (Not including Owners or Family Members) or the average annual wage of the Non-Owner/Non-Family members is more than $50,000 your Health Insurance Tax credit is Zero. The "Sweet Spot" for this credit is 10 or less Full time equivalent employees (Excluding Owners and Family members) with an average annual salary of $25,000 or less.

Number of FULL TIME Employees (not including Owners/Family):
  • Full Time Employees = 40 Hours/week or more.
  • Owners = Sole Proprietor, Partners, Shareholder with greater than 2% of Sub Chapter S or greater than 5% of other business types are not considered employees.
  • Family members of the owner or partner are NOT considered Employees for this calculation including Spouses, siblings, parents, step children, Aunt, Uncle, niece, nephew, or in-laws.
  • Neither Owners nor Family members related to the Owner are considered as employees, nor is their Salary counted and the Tax credit can not be used towards reducing their insurance premiums.
Number of PART TIME Employees (not including Owners/Family):
  • Part Time Employees work less than= 40 Hours/week.
  • Owners (See above description) and Family members should not be counted.
  • Example: You may have 3 employees that work 24 Hours/week and 2 that work 10 hours/week.
Number of Part Time Employees:
working hours/week
Number of Part Time Employees:
working hours/week
Number of Part Time Employees:
working hours/week
Number of Part Time Employees:
working hours/week
Total Annual Salary to Non-Owner/Non-Family members:
  • Example: You have 3 Full time employees and 1 Part time employee, and none of these are the Owner or Family members related to the Owner. You pay the 3 full time employees $40,000/yr, $30,000/yr and $30,000/yr and the part time employees $10,000/yr. Your Total Annual Salary is $110,000/yr.
Total Annual Salary: $/yr
Are you a Tax exempt (Non-profit) employer: No Yes

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