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Estimated 2021 Family Gross Income:

Eligibility for subsidies is based on a household's Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI). You need to estimate this income for what you will receive in 2021. For most taxpayers, MAGI is the same as Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) which can be found on Line 4 on a Form 1040EZ, Line 21 on a Form 1040A, or Line 37 on a Form 1040.

Taxpayers who receive non-taxable Social Security benefits, earn income living abroad, or earn non-exempt interest, should add that income back to AGI to calculate MAGI. Note: this is about income before most deductions are taken.

Medicaid eligibility is determined excluding the following types of income: scholarships, awards, or fellowship grants used for education purposes and not for living expenses, and certain American Indian and Alaska Native income derived from distributions, payments, ownership interests, real property usage rights, and student financial assistance.

Your estimated 2021 MAGI will be compared to your actual 2021 Tax return and any subsidies will be adjusted accordingly. (Better to overestimate your income so you don't have to pay subsidies back.) If you are confused on this please seek Tax advice from a professional.

Sample MAGI Calculator
Click here for MAGI Calculator (.xls)